The Power of Choice

Choice Banner (clipping path included)Sometimes book titles leap out at me, and this was the case when I read about Steve Chandler’s book, Crazy Good: A Book of Choices.

Chandler lists 15 choices we can make to cause our life experiences go from not just good but crazy good. We will cover the first five choices in this post and review the rest in subsequent posts.

Choice #1: Crazy good vs. Hard knock

Chandler defines crazy good as something that is so much better than it needs to be, going beyond what anyone has anticipated. One of his examples: Ringling Brothers is good, but Cirque du Soleil is crazy good. Building off of his example, I would say visiting the zoo is good, but being on safari is crazy good. The opposite of crazy good is believing we are victims in life, at the mercy of circumstances and other people. Chandler says that if we move from victimhood and choose freedom, life will go beyond good.

Choice #2:  Choosing vs. Trying to decide

When we insist on figuring it all out before we make a choice, we can lose time. If we go with a choice that, as Chandler says, “feels right at the time,” we can spend our time living life instead of thinking about life.

Choice #3:  Verb vs. Noun

Nouns are things and verbs do things. Nouns just sit there; verbs dance, smile, and laugh. What do you want to be–a noun or a verb?

Choice #4:  Creating vs. Reacting

When faced with a negative situation, we always have a choice between reacting and creating. Reacting puts us on the defensive. Chandler’s strategy for this is to ask: What do I want to create?

Choice #5:  Something vs. Nothing

Have you ever wanted your life to change overnight? From poor to rich, heavy to lean, newbie to seasoned professional? I know I have. Chandler offers us an approach that will move us closer to our goal without the “all or nothing” attitude. It’s called the 5% Solution. Develped by Dr. Nathaniel Brandon, the 5% Solution opens up our mind to small steps we can take right away. When faced with a change we want to make, we ask ourselves: If I were 5% more responsible for my life today, I would…and list all the things you can think of to do. It works the same with being a better spouse or parent, being more organized, a better employee, etc.

How can we apply these choices to Weekend Retirement? Here are some thoughts:

  • Two days off from work each week is good, but two days dedicated to fun and relaxation and the pursuit of our interests is crazy good.
  • Doing household chores and errands during the  workweek to clear the deck for the weekends makes it easier to decide how to spend the weekend without the added task of trying to fit in all the unfinished work from the week.
  • Instead of letting the weekend just happen, what do we want to create? What would make this coming weekend outstanding?


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