The Power of Choice, Part 3

Laboratory glassware. FlasksToday we’ll be covering the final five choices in Steve Chandler’s book, Crazy Good: A Book of Choices.

Choice #11:  Testing vs. Trusting

Some of us think we need to believe in ourselves in order to make changes in our life. Chandler says we don’t need to believe in ourselves to take action. We just try it. And like learning to ride a bike, if we fall, we get back up again and take another stab at it. Action is what moves us forward, not trusting. He says that as we take action, we find out what works and what doesn’t.

Choice #12:  Purpose vs. Personality

If you have ever decided not to try something because of some perceived personality flaw, take heart. Chandler says you just need to decide what you want to do. If you have a purpose for wanting to do something, that will energize you, and you won’t need to depend on your personality to make it happen. You just need to choose.

Choice #13:  Transformation vs. Information

It’s one thing to take in information, but the real benefit of knowing something is in the application. Transformation comes from applying the knowledge we’ve gained. We have to take action. And this action doesn’t need to be a huge leap–it can be one small act each day. Chandler suggests beginning with a minute devoted to some new activity to move us out of our comfort zone. There is no change without our taking action.

Choice #14:  Love vs. Fear

Chandler recommends letting love be our guide. When you wake up, ask yourself: What would I love to do today? When faced with a difficult situation, ask yourself: What would love do? When love is our guide, we can see the gift in whatever life presents us.

Choice #15:  Living vs. Dying

Really living involves choosing–choosing to see the beauty, hope, and joy in life. Choosing to believe that whatever comes our way is for our benefit.

Chandler says that If we look at life as a series of experiments, we can learn from everything we encounter.


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