The Power of Choice, Part 2

Boys in the image of sailors playing in her roomSo last post we started talking about Steve Chandler’s book entitled Crazy Good: A Book of Choices.

Having reviewed the first five choices, today we’ll be covering his next five choices.

Choice #6:  Systems vs. Dreams

We all need dreams to inspire us in pursuit of our goals. But Chandler notes that to accomplish our goals, systems will get the job done. He quotes Steven Sanghi, CEO of Microchip Technology: “Every system is perfect for the result it gets. If you want a different result, put in a different system.”  How can you apply this concept to your list of goals?

Choice #7:  Serving vs. Pleasing

According to Chandler, there is a difference between pleasing and serving. Pleasing is more superficial and fleeting whereas serving is adding value. In all of our interactions with those around us, we can ask ourselves: What would genuinely serve this person?

Choice #8:  Game vs. Shame

When faced with a challenge, how do you normally motivate yourself? Do you look at what is and think of all the things you should have said or done? Instead of shaming yourself into better performance, Chandler recommends working on our goal as a game. We all naturally perform better when we are having fun, and the essense of playing games is having fun. How can we turn whatever we have to do into a game?

Choice #9:  The Want-to vs. The How-to

One of the ways we tend to get stuck on accomplishing goals is thinking we have to know all the steps to follow before we begin. We think we have to know how to make it happen. Chandler argues that wanting to achieve the goal is more important than necessarily knowing up front how to get there. We learn as we go along, but we let our desire pull us forward.

Choice #10:  Agreement vs. Expectations

Chandler says that expectations are the source of disappointment. He recommends forging agreements instead of having expectations. If we want someone to do something, we ask them. We negotiate. We can convert complaints into requests. Having agreements instead of expectations can remove a lot of disappointment in life.

Which of these choices resonate with you?


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