Turning Dreams into Reality

From dream to realityWe all have dreams we’d like to see come to fruition, but sometimes the demands of everyday life hijack our energy and free time. Author and psychotherapist Jonathan Robinson shares shortcuts on moving forward with our dreams. His book Find Happiness Now lists a number of ways to energize and motivate yourself for turning your dreams into reality.

Year Left to Live

Imagine you only had a year left to live. Take four minutes to write down all the things you would do. Who would you want to spend time with? Where would you like to go? What would like to do? How would like to live these last days? What kind of legacy would you leave? Having brainstormed these ideas, take out your calendar and start scheduling some of these activities.

If You Had a Billion Dollars

Imagine you have a billion dollars, but you still have to work 40 hours a week. Given that your needs are met, how would you spend your time?

Capture Your Brilliance in a Journal

Robinson says that we often have great ideas, but if we don’t write them down, they may be forgotten. He suggests keeping a kind of journal where we record these brilliant thoughts under such categories as goals, insights, actions, and ideas.

Put Your Goals in Writing

Studies showthat people who write down their goals are happier, healthier, have a lower incidence of divorce and greater job satisfaction. Robinson says to write down your goals, determine what success looks like, brainstorm actions you could take, order those actions, and do something each week to move forward.

Join a Mastermind Group

A mastermind is a group of people who are willing to get together to tell each other their dreams and give and receive suggestions and advice.

Model Your Hero

Transformational acting allows you to experience a different way of being by taking on the characteristics of a person you admire.

Keep Your Life in Balance

Each month, look at all the areas of your life to determine what you need to do to keep them in balance. Look at your career, recreation, spirituality, personal fulfillment, health, family and friendships, finances and education. Use the list to help prioritize what you need to do.

The Pleasure/Pain Description

If there is a behavior you need to change, consider writing what the current behavior is doing to you and why you want to change it. Then write about how you will feel with the new behavior and what the benefits will be. Anytime you need more motivation for establishing the new behavior, you can simply refer to your essay.

Which of these strategies appeal to you?


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