5 Quick Tips for Feeling Good

Dark blue iris flower. Selective focus.When your days are packed with activity and stress threatens to overwhelm you, there are quick actions you can take to restore your joy. Psychotherapist and author Jonathan Robinson shares 50 shortcuts in his book Find Happiness Now. We will talk about five of these strategies.

Tip #1: Ask yourself the right questions.

Robinson asserts that regularly asking yourself the following questions can have a dramatic effect on your life.

  • What small successes have I had lately?
  • What could I feel grateful for?
  • Who do I love and/or who loves me?
  • What do I appreciate about myself?

Asking these questions helps to redirect your thoughts to more positive aspects of your life. Happy thoughts lead to happy feelings.

Tip #2: Make a Pain and Pleasure List.

We tend to spend more time fulfiling responsibilites, crowding out time to spend on what we enjoy. Robinson suggests making two lists: One list of the 10 things you don’t like to do, and a second list of the 10 things you love to do. Just the act of compiling the lists brings awareness to the situation. Next step? Calculate the number of hours you spend each month on both sides. Notice a trend? Ask yourself if there is anything on the Don’t LIke list that you can delegate or stop doing. And look for ways to add back in more of the Love To Do activites to your schedule.

Tip #3: Considering using a supplement to increase your energy. Robinson recommends the following supplements:

  • Uptime (www.up-time.com)
  • Ultra Energy Plus by the Rainbow Lite company
  • Ignite

Tip #4: Neutralize bad news by asking a question.
Whenever you run into a problem or obstacle, Robinson suggests you ask: What could potentially be good about this? Asking this question forces your brain to consider other options rather than dwelling on the issue.

Tip #5: Interrupt stress with your breath.

When something happens that makes you feel stressed or annoyed, you can interrupt this sensation by taking in a full breath of air and holding it for 10 seconds. While holding your breath, tighten the areas where you are feeling the stress. After 10 seconds, release the air and the muscles you tightened, and say to yourself, “Let it all go.”

Which of these techniques resonate with you?


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