Gail Pentz, authorI am a writer, life coach and corporate trainer. And a Baby Boomer, just a handful of years away from  retirement age.

Retirement was a stage of life I took for granted. I always assumed that when I turned 65 I would join the ranks of retired folks and enjoy life at a more relaxed pace. I would put my alarm clock away and wake up naturally with no hectic schedule. I would volunteer on projects that really mattered to me. I would explore topics of interest to me, stay up late if I wanted to, and devote long stretches of time to hobbies. I reveled in the thought of having a blank day planner that I could fill with as much or as little as I wanted. I was positively giddy thinking about this time in my life, and I fully expected to have this opportunity.

Then at age 56 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. It was a sobering moment when I realized that I might not live long enough to retire. I may have spent all those years saving for and dreaming of a time when I could do whatever I wanted, and end up not having it at all.

While I faced a health issue, you may have your own set of obstacles preventing you from retiring. The economy has not been kind to our  401(k)s. More and more older workers have lost pensions as companies folded. Downsized employees often have to take lower-paying jobs to replace the job they lost. Your home value may vary inversely with the balance on your mortgage. When I’ve talked with other Baby Boomers who are close to retirement age, the question has not been when they will retire, but if they will be able to at all.

I began looking for a way to begin living a retirement lifestyle immediately. I was too young to draw Social Security income, so I had to find ways to bring the “feel” of retirement into my everyday life while I was still working. It has taken a while to figure out, but I’m happy to report that I now enjoy more of that lifestyle I had dreamed of. I retire on the weekend. It’s not 24/7 retirement, but it’s enough of the week to keep me engaged in my current job until I can think about actually retiring. I no longer feel like I’m postponing my life or putting adventure on hold until I reach some magic age or financial milestone.

Weekend Retirement is my passion. My mission is to use this blog to share ways you can pursue all those delightful retirement activities in two days each week while you continue to hold a full-time job.

My goal is to provide simple and easy strategies for enjoying a retirement lifestyle in the hours that you are not on the clock (whether you work a traditional 5-day week or an alternative schedule). No matter your age or stage,  if you are mentally ready for retirement but have not yet reached the required age for Social Security or met your own personal financial requirements, this blog is for you!

I post once a week on Sunday evenings. I hope to inspire you to schedule your errands and chores during the work week to make time for your “weekend” adventures. You can subscribe via any blog post to receive an email notification of each post.

Start your transition to weekend retirement today!

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